Automatic Device Cleanup in Intune

In Intune you probably have a lot of inactive devices. Microsoft has released a new feature so you can cleanup Intune automatically based on a set of rules. This keeps your device records current.

This is a small tutorial to create the Automatic Device Cleanup rules in Intune.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Intune Admin Center
  2. Click devices
  3. Click device cleanup rules
  4. Go to delete devices based on last check-in date and click Yes to activate the feature
  5. After this select a number of days for auto deletion, this can vary from 90 to 270 days
  6. After you entered the number of days you can click on View affected devices
  7. Click save to exit

When you click save, all the devices that are in my case 90 days inactive will be immediately removed from Intune. This will keep you Intune nice and clean.

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