Create a dynamic group for Intune licensed users

This post is about creating a dynamic Azure AD group which contains all the users with an Intune license. This can be usefull when you want to assign a policy to all users with an Intune A license.

1. The first step is to create a dynamic group. So go to your Microsoft Intune admin portal and click on Groups. The following screen appears, click on New group.

2. The next step is to configure the group with the following settings.

  • Group type Security
  • Group name which you prefer
  • Group type which you prefer
  • Add the following advanced rule: user.assignedPlans -any (assignedPlan.servicePlanId -eq "c1ec4a95-1f05-45b3-a911-aa3fa01094f5" -and assignedPlan.capabilityStatus -eq "Enabled")

3. The third step is to click add query and after this click create. The dynamic now is created and it will contain all the users with an Intune A license.

The group is now created and you can use it to assign it to policies in Intune.

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